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The Ginevra BBQ is made with a mixture of cement compound and high-quality refractory materials. 

It comes equipped with a FIRE SYSTEM, and a MICRONIT® mixture.

Cooking grill 67cm x 40cm, and is adjustable at three heights. Worktop in Anthracite colour, the rest requires painting with masonry paint.

This BBQ is equipped to burn charcoal.

Barbeglue is included with this BBQ.


Height – 210cm
Width  – 64cm
Length – 114cm
Weight – 365kg


We purchased a Ginevra BBQ from Garden Grills in 2015. This BBQ is huge with a table measuring 114 cm. The Ginevra BBQ does everything we want and more. The outside of the BBQ does not get hot and with the easy removal of the fiebricks this makes cleaning very quick and easy.

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