Porto. Wood and charcoal burning.

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The Porto barbecue is made using MICRONIT® and it is equipped with a new FIREPLACE SYSTEM in MICRONIT®, a special mixture extremely high technical-functional and high-temperature resistance features, with incorporated fire screen.

It ensures a more even and healthy cooking and is very easy to clean.

The barbecue has a side table for a total length of 160cm and the two worktops are made in reinforced concrete.

It comes with a chrome-plated cooking grill that measures 67cm x 40cm, and is adjustable at three different heights. Worktops and fireplace are pre-coloured and the base requires painting with masonry paint.

Easy to assemble. 

Barbeglue will be required. 

The Porto BBQ is equipped to burn wood and charcoal.

Height – 968mm
Width – 515mm
Length – 1600mm
Weight – 268kg


Thank you Garden Grills for our Porto masonry BBQ. We love our food cooked on the wood.