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The Sila barbecue is made of high-quality cement compound and inert refractory materials. 

Worktop L. 88cm.

The barbecue is fitted with a chrome-plated cooking grill that is 45.5cm x 33cm, and is adjustable at two different heights.

It is also equipped with a new FIREPLACE SYSTEM in MICRONIT®, a special mixture extremely high technical-functional and high-temperature resistance features, with incorporated fire screen.

This ensures a more even and healthy cooking and is very easy to clean.

Special chimney top "FLY" that permit to direct the flue exit following your needs.

The worktop and fireplace are pre-coloured in a cement compound. The hood and base require painting.

The Sila BBQ is equipped to burn charcoal.

Barbeglue is required.


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Height – 187cm
Width – 58cm
Length – 88cm
Weight – 250kg


Thank you Garden Grills. We love our Sila BBQ. We have looked for a masonry BBQ for a while and the Sila is perfect for our garden with its modern twist. The BBQ was easy to install and we used it for a family party as soon as it was complete.